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Template Shell Request Form
What is your employee ID and name?

The ID entered will be the Instructor for the Template Shell.  e.g. 11777971, Steve Sinclair
What is the course catalog number?  Please enter only numbers, no dashes. *

For example, 10111165.
What is the delivery mode of the new Template Shell? *

Select only one delivery mode for each submission using this form. Each Template is for a catalog number delivery mode combination.

What source (if any) should be used to copy from to make the new Template? Please provide either the course ID (preferred) or complete course name.

Is there a different Template from another delivery mode?  Is there a "personal" Template? How about the last term you taught in (because it was a KILLER class).  If none is provided than a blank shell will be created.  Here are two examples of Blackboard Learn course id: P_10090137SEP16_82979 or 10614291_2175_52410_P.
If you know the PeopleSoft Course ID, enter it here.  If not, then leave this blank.

e.g. 057315
Thanks for completing this typeform
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